How smart cameras help increase business efficiency?

Based on artificial intelligence, VinCamAI can analyze different facial attributes from age, gender to emotion. It is a technology solution that helps businesses optimize image dataset, providing a basis for decisions making.

According to the MarketsandMarkets report, the size of the global image data analytics market will reach $ 6.51 billion by 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.4%. The main driver of this trend is the rapid growth in both quantity and diversity of business data (including image data), as well as the need for data-driven decision-making.

In particular for retail businesses such as convenience stores, supermarkets, commercial centers, etc, customer image data now becomes a precious resource, serving advertising campaigns effectivity statistics, target customers identifying, customer behavior analysis. Thus, not only for security purposes, these data also create direct impacts on customer shopping behaviors and business performance.

VinCamAI analyzes customer facial attributes

Compared to traditional footfall products, artificial intelligence (AI)-based solutions are capable of collecting and analyzing a larger amount of data, thus performing more tasks in the same amount of time.

VinCamAI is capable of recognizing and analyzing customer faces with 99% accuracy
VinCamAI is capable of recognizing and analyzing customer faces with 99% accuracy

The strongest evidence is VinCamAI, a smart camera developed by Vingroup Big Data Institute (VinBigdata). Applying computer vision technology, besides counting people, the product can also identify customer information (such as gender, age, emotion), identify VIP guests, foreign visitors and report strangers. The accuracy of face recognition and analysis technology reaches 99%.

With this feature, from the collected image data, businesses easily build portraits of the target customers, conduct in-depth analysis and make appropriate changes. This is also the basis for personalized marketing campaigns, helping recommend products to the target audience, thereby increasing the chances of being selected.

VinCamAI analyzes customer behaviors

VinCamAI supports behaviour recognition and movement tracking
VinCamAI supports behaviour recognition and movement tracking

Not only statistics of the total number of customers at the supermarket (hourly/daily), VinCamAI also supports behaviour recognition, and movement tracking. The data about crowded areas or shopping time of each area are also recorded by the system to determine the location that attracts customers, serving the distribution of products and resources support.

Combined with facial recognition and customer information analysis, the collection of behavioral data helps VinCamAI make insights about the shopping trends of each specific customer, for example: young customers are often interested in fashion boutiques, while older groups spend more time stopping at food stalls or promotions. The information will be a suggestion for businesses to set up customer-oriented changes.

VinCamAI speeds up payments

Another activity of retail supermarkets is payments. In fact, the speed of the payment process greatly affects the level of customer satisfaction and the assessment of service quality. With VinCamAI, the system will quickly determine the number of people waiting for payment as well as the amount of time for this task. This is the first step for retail businesses to identify and accurately detect the limitations of the service, aiming to gradually build a database as a premise for making important decisions.

Thus, with the new solution supported by AI – VinCamAI smart camera, supermarkets, commercial centers, and retail businesses will have a more powerful assistant in collecting, processing and utilizing image data of customers, from which to specific applications to optimize production and business efficiency and enhance user experience. In fact, VinCamAI products have been deployed in some Vincom Retail shopping centers, giving statistical results of 30% better than the traditional counting system (Footfall).

VinCamAI is one of VinBase Vision products developed by VinBigdata. Besides VinCamAI, currently in this product line, there is also VinOCR – a system that supports written information detection, ientification and extraction from images.


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