VinBot creates breakthrough customer service

Developed from natural language processing technology, VinBot is capable of processing more than 10,000 requests simultaneously, with a response speed of 0.1 seconds, improving user experience and innovating customer service.

According to Salesforce, 69% of customers prefer chatbot as it provides faster speed when connecting and interacting with businesses. The report of the MIT technology review also shows that the complaint handling speed of businesses is accelerated by 90% thanks to chatbot. In fact, applying AI to automated conversations are beneficial for not only customers but also businesses themselves. 57% companies and organizations believe that chatbots have brought in greater returns, from the minimum investment capital (Accenture Digital).

Obviously, the application of chatbot in customer service has been an emerging trend of the market, especially businesses in fast-moving consumer goods – FMCG, e-commerce, tourism, etc. However, not all chatbots are capable of delivering these breakthroughs. Chatbot has to be “smart” enough to satisfy customers and significantly improve business efficiency.

VinBot offers an end-user friendly experience

VinBot is a product applying natural language processing technology which is developed by Vingroup Big Data Institute (VinBigdata). It provides a complete toolbox for chatbot building, configuration and customization for business purposes, serving Vingroup ecosystem in particular and the community in general on four areas: health, education, manufacturing and tourism.

VinBot has the ability to interact with more than 10,000 requests simultaneously, taking only 0.1 seconds.
VinBot has the ability to interact with more than 10,000 requests simultaneously, taking only 0.1 seconds.

With AI technology and a large-scale database system, developed by a team of leading experts in the world, VinBot has the ability to interact with more than 10,000 requests simultaneously, taking only 0.1 seconds. This helps to significantly reduce resources spent on customer service tasks, also ensure accuracy when answering a huge number of inquiries from end users. Thus, businesses will no longer have to struggle with the problem of omitting or confusing the requirements of many different customers.

Compared with traditional human resources, another advantage of AI is that it works stably, regardless of day and night. Operating 24/7, VinBot gives customers comprehensive support at anytime and from anywhere. Moreover, with VinBot, language is no longer a barrier, as the system is capable of analyzing and responding to both Vietnamese, English, Chinese and Japanese. Natural and multilingual communication is the first step for VinBot to help businesses access and expand their international customers, developing markets and business models.

VinBot improves business efficiency

Comprehensively meeting the needs of businesses in interacting with customers, VinBot has many features from building, managing, sharing chatbot to reporting operational statistics then synthesizing and storing user information.

VinBot supports building chatbot scripts. The system allows creators to provide training data and building scripts for chatbots. With this feature, businesses can diversify conversation situations with customers, and at the same time orient end users according to sales or marketing goals of products and services.

In addition, VinBot is capable of multi-channel integration such as Zalo, Facebook, website, etc. With just a few simple steps, the product can be easily integrated on existing business conversation platforms, thus providing flexible, dedicated and customer-oriented support in all communication channels. Moreover, during the deployment process, the cloud computing platform also allows the system to scale without any limitation.

VinBot governs, synthesizes and stores information of customers, customer messages, statistics and mass messaging.
VinBot governs, synthesizes and stores information of customers, customer messages, statistics and mass messaging.

Along with interacting and responding to customer requests, another task that businesses must perform to improve product and service quality is to analyze user behavior. Every day, a huge amount of data is generated from communication with customers. From reports and statistics on chatbot’s history, VinBot helps businesses take advantage of this data set to analyze and capture users’ habits, preferences, trends, serving decision-making in the future. It is especially useful in the era of customer-oriented marketing trend.

Lastly, the information collected daily will be synthesized by VinBot and stored into a comprehensive data set. With natural language processing technology, VinBot understands and analyzes customers’ intentions in dialogue. This is the basis for progressively personalizing the messages that brands will send to their public through chatbot. Now, with VinBot, businesses can send mass messages, with customized content suitable for different types of customers. This method is up to 90% more efficient than email marketing, because the percentage of users opening chat messages is superior to opening emails (according to research on Email Marketing by IBM).

With the multidisciplinary experience gained from the technology implementation for Vingroup ecosystem, VinBot will become more and more intelligent and possess more features. Besides VinBot, which applies natural language processing technology, belongs to VinBase Language product line, VinBigdata also develops other solutions such as VinTalk, VinAssistant, etc.


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